Monday, March 01, 2010

Create GS1-128 Compliant Barcodes Using the IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator

by Nate Schubert

The IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator is a powerful barcode generation program that allows users to create barcode images and then paste them into other Windows applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Photoshop and much more.

This particular video barcode tutorial shows in detail how you can create a variety of GS1-128 compliant barcodes with the IDAutomation Barcode Image Generator with very little effort. One of the best things about this latest installment in our video library is the fact that it walks you through the creation of barcodes using functions and check digits, which can be confusing for customers who are newer to barcodes. Check out the video below.

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