Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Barcode Scanner Programming Guides

by Nate Schubert

Programming a Barcode Scanner is sometimes easier said than done. While a barcode scanner can often be programmed to perform a wide variety of functions pre and post-scan, and a multitude of other things, the process of actually programming can be tricky. Generally, barcode scanners are programmed by scanning a series of programming barcodes in the user manual within a certain amount of time. This is very simple with all of the barcodes laid out in front of you to scan, but it gets more complicated if you're flipping back and forth between pages and scanning within that allotted time frame.

We're please to announce the end of that complicated barcode scanning process for many programming functionalities, in terms of IDAutomation barcode scanner products. Now, you can visit our Barcode Scanner Programming Quick Guides for cheat-sheet style PDF's that contain all the barcodes in order, so that you can scan right down the list and program your scanners with ease.

Our first installment of Barcode Scanner Programming Quick Guides are for the SC5USB barcode scanner, but we plan to release many more in the future, according to the needs of our loyal customers.

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