Friday, September 30, 2011

New License Options for Hosted Barcode Generators

by Nate Schubert

One of the most cutting-edge barcode generation technologies of today exists in the cloud, as a hosted barcode generation service that allows users to display barcode images on web pages, in databases or anywhere else, as long as the application is connected to the internet. Hosted services such as the dynamic barcode generator subscription that IDAutomation provides results in less of a load on customer servers, especially in high-volume dynamic barcode generation for websites related to ticketing, purchasing and coupon generation.

Until recently, IDAutomation has offered the dynamic barcode generator service to subscribers in 1-year increments, and for a variety of scenarios. We have trimmed these license options down and you can read more about those below:
  • 1 Developer SaaS License: allows one developer to integrate the service into a process in addition to up to 10,000 unique users per week.
  • 5 Developer SaaS License: allows between 2 and 5 developers to integrate the service into a process as well as up to 20,000 unique users per week.
  • Unlimited Developer SaaS License: allows unlimited developers for service integration as well as unlimited unique users per week.
The first thing to determine when deciding on the right license option is how many developers you plan to have working to integrate the hosted dynamic barcode image generator service into your process. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, come up with an approximation as to how many unique users there will be to your service per week. To figure this number out, just estimate how many individual users will be accessing the web page or database and displaying a barcode. The same user can access a page several times within the week, and will still be considered one unique user. If this number exceeds 10,000 but is lower than 20,000, then the 5 Developer SaaS License will be the right choice. If your unique users per week exceeds 20,000, then it would be best to purchase the Unlimited Developer SaaS License.

Another important thing to note is that we now offer a 5-year subscription to the hosted service which eliminates the need to re-purchase your subscription on a yearly basis. This can be extremely beneficial for businesses who are confident that the service will be useful for years to come, and we expect many customers to take advantage of this new and improved license option.

Hosted services are the future of technology, both as it pertains to computers and the internet, and barcode generation is no different. 

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