Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discount QR Code Image Generators for SESCHI Attendees!

by Nate Schubert

Until the end of 2011, IDAutomation is offering a special discount for $30 off the retail price of any QR Code Image Generator license. Just enter the discount code SESchi on the final page of purchase to receive your discount and then reap the benefits of QR Code generation for a number of uses such as encoding web addresses, VCard information, tabbed data, functions and other common QR Code usesDownload the QR Code Image Generator Demo for testing, or complete your purchase today and take advantage of our 60-day return policy if it does not meet your needs.

Search Engine Strategies Chicago is one of the premiere search engine marketing conferences in America today, and is currently in session! Marketers from across the country have been learning tremendous things about how to better design mobile websites and many other actionable tips that can increase traffic, conversions and customer satisfaction. One of the most talked-about technologies in the Mobile Track sessions focuses on QR Codes which can make marketing to mobile users very easy. IDAutomation can help you to generate one-off QR Codes for specific marketing promotions as well as multiple QR Code generation for higher-quantity runs.

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