Monday, May 14, 2012

Announcing the IDAutomation Support Forum!

by Nate Schubert

In recent months, IDAutomation has made a smooth transition from a traditional help desk technical support system to an open, community-based technical support forum. This change was made in an effort to provide our customers with more options for receiving the support they need. Currently, contacting IDAutomation provides sales and technical support to interested parties via the following methods:
  • Telephone: Although we are often quite busy on the telephone, lines are available to anyone who has questions about recommended products and licensing as well as troubleshooting existing products.
  • Email: Perhaps the most popular form of contact, our staff can provide screen shots, detailed information, price quotes and links to invaluable information.
  • Online Chat: Another excellent method of contacting our staff, online chat allows real-time communication and increased understanding of the concepts behind our products as well as useful tutorials, file transfer and more.
The introduction of our new IDAutomation Technical Support Forum allows barcode enthusiasts, professionals and IDAutomation product users the ability to explore a community of like-minded individuals. This is an excellent resource for free barcode knowledge, and can even be useful in providing troubleshooting tips to those who prefer not to take advantage of our beneficial Priority Support & Upgrade Subscriptions

Although our support staff is dedicated to assisting any and all inquiries on the forum in as timely a fashion as possible, we also want to encourage forum visitors to reach out to others' who need their questions answered. Registered users who accrue enough points for Best Answers and participation in the community can receive discounts on future purchases. We take pride in the level of understanding our customers have for our products, and we look forward to showcasing your extensive knowledge of barcode technology, troubleshooting and more in the coming months.

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