Friday, March 08, 2013

Barcode Scanning in Continuous Mode

by Nate Schubert

Barcode scanners are an integral part of many different business environments ranging from document or inventory control to auto-data entry which serves to minimize human error. Most people have a full understanding of the standard point-and-click method of scanning barcodes using a handheld barcode scanner. While this is certainly an effective method of reading barcodes and may be ideal in many situations, the need for hands-free barcode scanning may also arise.

Some barcode scanners can be set to continuous mode which allows users to read barcodes simply by passing the barcode in front of the scanner at an appropriate distance. When set to continuous mode, a barcode scanner will lie in wait for a barcode to cross it's path. When it does, the scanner will wake up, read the barcode and output the scanned data to wherever the cursor is positioned on the computer.

IDAutomation Barcode Scanners are very easy to program for continuous scanning. Our technical support staff has created Easy Programming Guides for some common programming features including setting to continuous mode. Please find links to those easy programming guides below:

Continuous scanning mode can certainly maximize efficiency and production in some areas, but this can quickly turn into a mess if the barcode is not positioned in a stand that is compatible with the scanner itself. When a barcode scanner is set to continuous mode and placed in a stand, this can also greatly extend the life of the scanner because it cuts down on wear and tear from every day handling.

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