Thursday, April 18, 2013

Generate Free meCard QR Codes!

by Nate Schubert

One of the most common uses of QR Codes in business is in the creation of the meCard electronic business card which is an alternative to the vCard. meCards allow individuals to easily pass their contact information along to other for the purpose of relationships both business and personal. Since most smart phones are capable of reading QR Codes at this point in their technology, the meCard has proven to be an excellent way of delivering your important contact information with relative ease.

IDAutomation provides a free and easy method to create meCards using our special QR Code meCard Generator. By taking advantage of our simple interface, users can quickly create meCard QR Codes in seconds flat, and at no cost. This free service is made by possible through our Hosted QR Code Image Generator. For those who are looking for QR Codes to generate more than just meCards, IDAutomation offers the QR Code Barcode Image Generator which produces high-resolution QR Codes in a variety of popular formats.

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