Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What are the Benefits of Streaming Barcode Images?

by Nate Schubert

Barcodes come in many different shapes and sizes, and are capable of encoding virtually any type of data required toward the pursuit of an improved efficiency in a given business process. There are also a wide variety of fonts, programs and components that may be utilized to generate and display barcodes for the purpose of scanning in processes such as inventory control, document tracking, retail check-out, logistics and  much more.

As the internet and connectivity continues to shape and reshape our modern world, more and more components of doing business are migrating from on-site servers and employee machines to the cloud. This latest technological frontier provides individuals and businesses alike with the opportunity to access their information from anywhere at any time provided they have the proper security to do so. 

IDAutomations' cloud-based barcode generation service allows this same convenience to users who are able to utilize a program or environments' internet connectivity to stream dynamic barcodes directly. This service is extremely useful for ECommerce websites that generate invoice receipts, packing slips or other information that is made more efficient by the presence of a barcode. It serves business both from the standpoint of customer as well as behind-the-scenes where dynamic barcode images can be integrated into business analysis reports, inventory tracking reports and more.

Available in 1-year and 5-year terms, IDAutomations' Hosted Barcode Generator Service is fault tolerant with multiple load-balancing servers in different locations to virtually eliminate the potential for downtime. This is a high-performance, lightweight service that provides businesses with the ability to integrate barcode technology into any process that can access a custom web URL. Visit BCGen.com today to learn more about the various barcode types available as well as licensing details.

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