Friday, August 30, 2013

Using Barcode Fonts on Internet Web Pages

by Nate Schubert

This barcode was created using a WOFF font.

Barcode fonts have long-since been the favorite of businesses throughout the world because their flexibility allows use across a wide variety of applications and environments. For example, all IDAutomation font packages include TrueType, Open Type, PCL and PostScript font formats. Additionally, these fonts may be used in conjunction with any of our free font encoder tools to create accurate barcodes in environments like Excel, Word, Access, Crystal Reports, Oracle BI Publisher, Cognos and more.

Until recently, one major drawback for barcode fonts has been their not-so-seamless integration on the web. Complications often arose such as difficulties with cross-compatibility across web browsers, or the need to either install the fonts on a users’ local machine to view and print the barcode or to embed the fonts directly within the web page itself.

Since the W3C’s recommendation on the use of WOFF fonts in December 2012 IDAutomation has worked to create new font formats for WOFF, EOT and SVG that work easily across different browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and others. These special barcode fonts for theweb can be made available upon request, and with the purchase of a developer license to any of our barcode font packages or an active Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription.

For more information about how this Web Open Font Format can help you to generate static or dynamic barcodes on your web pages using fonts, please visit our WOFF barcode tutorial.

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