Thursday, December 12, 2013

Barcoding: To Stream or Not To Stream?

By now, business owners understand that the best way to increased revenue is to engage customers and make it as easy as possible for them to complete a purchase, stay informed or complete some other goal of value to the business. The Internet has been a phenomenal tool for businesses to connect with consumers and to make the conversion process easier, and barcode technology has certainly played a role. But how?

It goes without saying that barcodes aren't the most exciting technology in the world, but that in no way diminishes their value. Following are some of the most effective uses of barcodes on the customer landscape to date:
  • Membership Reward Programs are popular ways of getting consumers to trade a little personal information for some potentially deep discounts on products or services. Traditional reward programs have offered a key chain tag or plastic card with a barcode that can connect customers to those discounts, while more recent developments technology may allow for an easy "instant membership" image that displays a barcode which can be stored on your mobile device.
  • Order Confirmations are an important part of any purchase process. After all, customers need to know when their purchase is complete. A barcode representation on the invoice receipt is an excellent way to encode valuable information such as order number, product, or even shipping method so that company employees can assist quickly and be proactive in case the customer needs help with an exchange, return or something else.
  • Marketing Promotions are a vital piece of any successful company. Here in the age of Social Media, you not only have to engage your customer base to convert, but you also have to motivate them to engage their social networks and spread the word about your products and services. QR Codes are particularly popular for tracking recipient behavior in marketing promotions both online and off.
There are a lot of different solutions that will allow the display of barcodes on a website or in an email which are two of the most popular methods of delivering information to consumers. One of the simplest methods is by utilizing IDAutomation's Hosted Barcode Generator Service, a cloud-based barcode generator that displays dynamic barcodes based on parameters set forth in a custom URL. This is a cutting-edge SaaS product that is light-weight and powerful enough to handle the needs of the highest order. For more information on how this service can be used, read up on this tutorial or please review the video demonstration below:

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