Friday, March 28, 2014

New Updates to Barcode Generator Scripts

IDAutomation has released a new update for our family of Barcode Generator Scripts for ASP, ASPX and PHP environments. This latest update resolves a cosmetic issue with the Human Readable Fonts embedded in these products.

IDAutomation Barcode Generator Scripts provide an easy means of streaming dynamic barcodes into internet-connected environments including web pages and applications that can access the internet. One very useful method of integrating these scripts is through SSRS 2012 for linear barcode generation, and this is an excellent alternative to the Barcode CRI that is compatible with SSRS up to 2008.

If you currently own a license to the ASP, ASPX or PHP Barcode Generator Scripts and would like to download this latest version, purchase the Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription today. Or, you can purchase a new license directly from our website.

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