Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Code 128 Font Package Available

IDAutomation has released the latest update to their Code128 Font Advantage Package, and it is now available in both demo and purchased versions from This package includes some new features and changes that are not available in the prior version, released in September 2013:

  • TrueType font files have been updated to OpenType with Digital Signatures, which authenticates IDAutomation as the author of the files. This shows users that the files are of high quality, and can be trusted not to do something terrible like crash your application.
  • TrueType fonts have been updated with Symbol Encoding, which means users can select the font by it's name rather than what it looks like. This is beneficial because barcodes can be very difficult to tell apart in a list!
  • Added PostScript ASCII Type 1 fonts.
  • Updated Crystal Report Formulas.
  • Added examples for FileMaker
Purchase the Code 128 Fonts and download this latest version if you haven't already done so. If you currently own a license to this product and would like to download the latest version, you may do so by activating your Priority Support & Upgrade Subscription.

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