Friday, October 31, 2014

Crystal Reports Barcode Generators

Many businesses turn to Crystal Reports as a dependable business intelligence application that can be used to design and generate critical reports. Because of its' flexibility in terms of compatibility with a wide range of databases and ERP systems, there are plenty of ways to integrate barcodes into Crystal Reports. That said, one integration is not necessarily as good as the next, and the best Crystal Reports barcode solution will depend primarily on factors like version or environment, barcode type to generate, size of reports being generated, how the reports will be distributed and more.

An effective component that businesses use to display barcodes in Crystal Reports versions 9 and higher is with IDAutomation's Native Barcode Generators for Crystal Reports. This patented technology has been in use since 2006, and allows for barcodes to be displayed on Crystal Reports documents without the use of fonts or graphic objects. This means less moving parts, which leads to fewer problems in the report generation process. It also means that reports can be distributed electronically, and anyone who is viewing the report will be able to see the barcode.

IDAutomation offers a number of Native Barcode Generators for Crystal Reports, depending on which particular type(s) or barcodes need to be generated:

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